Eduardo Nahmad-Achar


B.Sc. in Physics and B.Sc. in Mathematics from the National University of Mexico (UNAM), 1980
Advanced Studies in Mathematics, University of Cambridge, U.K., 1981
Ph. D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Cambridge, U.K., 1986
Postdoctoral Fellow at University College, Cardiff (Wales), U.K., 1987

Research Fellow at the Institute for Nuclear Sciences (ICN), UNAM, 1987-1991


Visiting Scholar at University of Santander (Spain), ICTP (Trieste, Italy), Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic)


Design and construction of Centre for Polymer Research (CIP), Grupo Comex, Mexico City, Mexico, 1991-1992
Founding Director of CIP (Director of Research and Development), 1992-2007
Corporate Director of Research and Technology (CTO) of Comex, 2001-2006


Research Fellow at ICN-UNAM, 2007-present


Presently member of the Quantum Optics Group and the High Energy Cosmic Ray Group, both at ICN


Lines of Research:


1. General Relativity and Gravitation
2. Gauge Theories
3. Study of Geometric Properties of Exact Solutions to Einstein's Equations
4. Noether Theorems in General Relativity
5. Inverse Problems in Complex Systems
6. Polymer Synthesis and Characterization
7. Study of Structure-Property Relations in Polymeric Films
8. Optical Properties of Thin Films
9. Physical Chemistry Studies Via Molecular Dynamics Simulations


1. Quantum Optics
2. Cosmic Ray Detection and Data Analysis
3. Development of intelligent Algorithms
4. Study of Inverse Problems in Complex Systems
5. Colloidal Stability Via Molecular Dynamics Simulation


When "spare time" is available (some out there believe that such thing exists), enjoys playing transverse flute: